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Koninklijke Verenigde Scheepsagenturen Van Halverhout & Zwart en Zurmühlen B.V. (KVSA) Privacy Policy

KVSA places great value in the privacy of its Clients and the visitors to this website. KVSA will respect the privacy of its Clients and all the information and personal details provided to KVSA by a Client will be treated with the utmost care. This Privacy Policy applies to the KVSA service(s) and applications and other services offered by KVSA. By agreeing to KVSA’s conditions for use, you agree to the use of personal details and information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1. KVSA will use your personal details, including your name, address, IP address, payment information to provide our service(s) and applications; to improve the services(s) and applications; to bring new services and applications to your attention.

2. KVSA will never sell the personal details of its Clients to third parties.

3. KVSA may only share the personal details with third parties if:

a) this is required in order to provide the Client with the KVSA service(s) and applications. If we give such information to a subsidiary company, an affiliated company or another familiar company or person to process the personal details on our behalf (KVSA uses, among others, services of a third party in order to process and enable payment by Clients). KVSA will then require these parties to agree to process these details in accordance with its instructions and to comply with this Privacy Policy and other measures required for the confidentiality and protection of information;

b) we have your explicit permission to do so. Explicit permission means that it is beyond doubt that you gave us permission. This may become apparent in word, writing or by your conduct;

c) making these details accessible, processing or storing them or making them public is required in order (1) to comply with applicable statutory provisions or a legitimate request made by the police, the judicial authorities or another competent authority, (2) to investigate, prevent or in some other way deal with fraud, technical or security problems, or (3) to protect the rights, property and/or security of KVSA and/or its Clients.

4. KVSA will take safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to the data or to prevent unauthorized modification, publication or destruction of the data. These measures will include internal policy scrutiny and safety measures for collecting, storing and processing data and physical safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to systems on which personal details are stored. All the personal details of Clients that are stored on the servers of KVSA will be coded. At present, all our data are processed on a server in the Netherlands.

5. When you visit the KVSA website, information such as IP address, browser type and language, time of the visit and clickstream data by way of cookies placed or read by us, or comparable techniques, will automatically be collected and stored. KVSA uses this information to analyze the visit to its website in order to improve the website.

6. On request, KVSA will provide you with information about the personal details collected, as soon as possible, although within 4 weeks after your written request. We reserve the right to ask a reasonable fee in conformity with article 39 of the Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens).

7. On request, KVSA will make every effort to correct, complete, remove or cover information about the personal details. Before such requests will be processed, we will ask you to identify. We reserve the right to refuse such request if this were to require excessive technical efforts, put the privacy of others at risk, or if these requests are practically unrealistic (for example requests with respect to information stored on back-up tapes). In all cases where we should facilitate access to information or we should correct information, we will perform the service for free, except where performing this service requires excessive effort, in which case we will reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee.

8. KVSA reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, provided always that the amendments will be in accordance with the current privacy law provisions. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy can be found on the website. If the Privacy Policy has been amended, KVSA will inform Clients so they can take note of the most recent version of the Privacy Policy. Clients may thus remain aware of which personal details are collected by KVSA and how and under which circumstances these details are used. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, we will be happy to answer them. Please send your questions to

9. The Dutch text of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail over the translations thereof.

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